Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Today, I just received an E-mail from Bill McRea Affiliate suspending the ClickBank Trainning GiveAway due to some sign up issues! I am a little upset about it because I was doing great in the program. My links are still active on most social networking sites and traffic exchange sites. Maybe I will keep those links there for a while and hope McRea will reactivate the program!
Now with the good news! I found this site a few weeks ago, it's like a one stop shop for most money making programs in the net! They have Paid to sign up,  PTC sign up, Advertising sign up, Affiliate sign up, Bank sign up, Gaming sign up, Fast earn program sign up, Cash back shopping sign up, Investing sign up, Social network sign up, Survey sign up and a lot more! By joining this program, you will get a sign up bonus of $2 and you can earn more by referring other members! Cash out is at $10 and is paid thru AlertPay or PayPal! Here is what you can get by joining the program!
  • $2.00 sign up bonus just for joining (must log into your account the same day you joined to get the bonus).
  • Your commission - 5 cents for every sign up delivered to the sign up bonus newsletter opt in form.
  • You'll earn 15 cents for every affiliate you personally refer.
  • Sub affiliate commissions - 5 cents off of all 2nd tier affiliate sign ups and 2 cents off of all 3rd tier affiliate sign ups.
  • Earn a minimum of just $10.00 to be paid.
  • Payments will be automatic on the 1st of every month through Paypal or Alertpay as long as your commissions are $10.00 or more.
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